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Shipment arrival Europaket-order of Mineral Pigments (Kremer):
Colors selected for the project – "Colori Veneziana"

Venitian Red, Italian Gold Ochre light, Verona Green Earth, Aragonite extra white, Raw Umber, Caput Mortuum, Ultramarine Green, genuine historic pigment, Cobalt Green, Malachit natural, Blue Verditer,
Iron Oxide Red natural, Titanium Orange, Hide Glue cubes-Gelatin.

© Christine Ljubanovic C-print 30 x 40 cm, Venice 2013



Venezia-grid (grillia) 2013, 36 x 30 cm
Caput Mortuum (iron oxide red), Venitian Red (Italian earth),
Smalt Blue (historic recipe 1820), Marienglas White (gypseous spar)
Binder: Japanese glue, Paper: BFK Rives 270g