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Christine Ljubanovic

lives and works in Paris (France)
born (1939) in Zams-Landeck (Austria)
Bachelor of Arts (Mag.Art.) – University of Applied Arts, Vienna
photography, graphic design, illustration, printing, video,
production of limited edition books, artists books, multi-media works


2020 – 2021
Photo-portraits and Originale auf Papier Farben/Pigmente/Muster/Skalen FPMS,
Originals on paper Colours/Pigments/Patterns/Scales CPPS

2019 Exhibition: “Arbeiten von 1965-2018“
Kunstraum Innsbruck
Curated by Robert Fleck and Karin Pernegger

Publication Quart Heft 2019 Letters:
Esther Strauss with Christine Ljubanovic “Mit Papier berauscht“
2018 – Voyage/Studies, New York, Rhode Island, Cambridge, Harvard Art Museums,
Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies – The Forbes Pigment Collection –
Paris-Venice/Voyage/Studies Mosaic – Basilica San Marco –
Porphyry Colours


Photo-Book Publication Europe: March 2016, USA: August 2016
Christine Ljubanovic:
»Conversation-Portraits, Photo-Suites 1974-2014«
HIRMER Verlag – (Germany, Europe)
Distribution: Thames & Hudson (England, Asia)
Chicago University Press (USA, Canada)

Exhibition (group show)
»DE PICASSO A JASPER JOHNS, L’atelier d’Aldo Crommelynck«,
Le Centre de la Gravure et de l’image imprimée
La Louvière (Belgium) June 6th – September 6th 2015
(with BnF Bibliothèque nationale de France)
Catalogue (distributed by Diffusion Seuil)


Exhibition (group show)
»DE PICASSO À JASPER JOHNS, L’atelier d’Aldo Crommelynck 174
BnF Bibliothèque nationale de France, Site François Mitterand,
Paris, April 8th 2014 to july 13th 2014
Catalogue (distributed by Diffusion Seuil)

Exhibition (group show)
»PERSONAE« in Memory of Emily Harvey, Archivio Emily Harvey,
San Polo, Venice, October 2014

Exhibition (group show)
Musée Soulages RODEZ (France)
November 14th 2014 to March 8th 2015
(with BnF Bibliothèque nationale de France)
Catalogue (distributed by Diffusion Seuil)


Residency »The Emily Harvey Foundation«
in Venice, Italy
Emily Harvey Foundation
Exhibition »YAM« Val/Wave/Welle by
C.Hirtl & C.Ljubanovic at MMC KIBLA,
Maribor, Slowenia
Paris: Works on paper
Acquisition »Colours/Pigments/Patterns/Scales«
Fuchsit (Brazil) and Venice patterns/historical/pigments Originals
by Bundesministerium fuer Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur, Vienna, Austria


Cinnabaris, Zinnober Research in China:
Raw Material, and »China-Red« as Pigment
(Painting, Stamping and in Chinese Medicine)
1. Beijing (January)
2. Beijing/Shanghai/Hangzhou (November) Central Academy of Fine Art Beijing,
and Colour research Center of China Academy of Art Hangzou
Prof. Song Jianming, 2010
Works on paper, photography, video in Paris, 2011)
HIRTL.ZEIT-WEISEN by Ljubanovic, 2010 (30 min. Video)


Raw-Material-Research-Voyage to Brazil,
Fuchsit (Fuxcita sisto) and Sodalith Mines,
Salvador-Bahia, Serra da Conceical, Municipio
di Fazendinha (Sertao-Nord/Este)
Works on paper and photography/video,


Colours/Pigments/Patterns/Scales (Farben/Pigmente/Muster/Skalen):
»The Spirit Line« – Indigo Torak – travel and research Oasis Tozeur, Tunisia (North Africa),
and colour Glanzbraun Zuers, documentary (Video),
Photography Aichstetten (Germany) &  Zuers (Austria). Research and production of originals in Paris.
Limited edition: »conversation-portraits (photo-suite)«, and »work in progress« portrait (Video-DVD)
HIRTL.ZEIT-WEISEN Vienna, Paris, Kirchbichl.


Colours/Pigments/Patterns/Scales (Farben/Pigmente/Muster/Skalen) »Topography-Colours-Pigments of the Alps« (Publication Quart Heft for Kultur Tirol Nr. 8/06), presentation at »haymonverlag Innsbruck« – acquisition of the originals by Bundeskanzleramt KUNST (Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur, Vienna, Austria).
Research in libraries in New York and Washington »American Indian Colours & Patterns«.
Work on the archives of »conversation-portraits (photo-suite)«, and portrait Video HIRTL.ZEIT-WEISEN.


Paris – New York – Vienna, starting the two projects: Farben/Pigmente/Muster/Skalen (Colours/Pigments/Patterns/Scales) and photo-suite (»conversation-portraits (photo-suite«)) filing, listing, selecting, black&white photography portraits of a period of over 35 years.


Photography and video-documentary »PARIS-LAVIS« (Stadt-Inschriften) inscriptions and letter-signs on monuments in the streets of Paris. Recording of the historical COLLOTYPE printing process showing a travelling through Paris, and the pre-print, printing sequences at »Arte« Adrien Maeght, printing studio.
Exhibition YAM (Ljubanovic/Hirtl) in Tokyo (Austrian Embassy) and collecting video-recordings for the portrait film »Hirtl in Tokyo, Ise, Kofu«


Exhibition (solo) »impressit« ALPHABETS & SIGNS, LETTERS/LANDS, Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Mexico City (Mexico). »Photographie-Phototypie« (group-show) Galerie Adrien Maeght, Paris (France).
Interactive script writing work-shop, Atelier d'Ecriture Interactive, Grant from Media-Programme de l'Union Européenne (EU) and  >La fémis< Ecole Nationale Superieure des Metiers de l'Image et du Son, Paris, March 2001


Exhibition »ABRACADABRA« – Museum Schloss Landeck (Austria)
Videofilm »ABRACADABRA« (staging of a legend) and limited edition of numbered and signed crystal paving stones made in the casting (lost wax) technique of optical glass in Paris (model: paving stone from the City of Prag).

Exhibition (solo) »impressit« Alphabets & Signs,Letters/Lands,
Kupferstichkabinett der Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste, Vienna, (Austria) Catalogue.


Studio in Paris accorded by the French Ministry of Culture. PARIS-AQUATINTA (LAVIS) photography, and historical reproduction techniques (Lichtdruck, Phototypie, Collotype)
2nd video-registering Yerusalem, production in Paris of »impressit-YAM« video (7 min. 15, [Beta-DI, BetaSP] hebrew, arabic, latin and armenian lettering, performances Hirtl/Ljubanovic »Phenomena« Festival 1996, Yerusalem [Israel]),
Exhibition (solo) during the Beirut (Vienna-Austria) Festival AL BUSTAN (Lebanon) 1997,
Exhibition (group show) »Byblos«, Galerie J&J Donguy, Paris (France) 1998


Scenography, performances Hirtl/Ljubanovic, (Hirtl painting-sessions, Ljubanovic-video-production-direction) during the »Phenomena« Festival, Yerusalem (Israel) 1996.
production of the video »impressit W« 4min (Beta SP)
Punch-cutting, matrix, foundery-type setting by hand-letterpressprinting, Paris (France) shown in the exhibitions (loop)
Salon Artistsbooks StellaR Graphics, Cologne (Germany) 1996, 1st Artistsbooks International StellaR, Paris 1995.
»The English Garden« Paris/Sarajewo (group show) Galerie Nikki-Diana Marquardt, Paris, Obala Gallery, Sarajewo 1995.
2nd paralell exhibitions (solo) »impressit« ALPHABETS & SIGNS, LETTERS/LANDS, Galerie Elefant Landeck, and Galerie Elefant, Burg Hasegg Hall, Tyrol (Austria)1995.


Curating, publishing limited edition »impressit« ALPHABETS & SIGNS, LETTERS/LANDS 1983–1993, in Paris (France) Vienna and Landeck-Zams (Austria) and in New York (USA).
Project for Europe (group show) Kulturby 96, Copenhagen (Denmark), Art Multiple StellaR Graphics (group) Duesseldorf (Germany)
Media-stills in »Winckelmanns Tod«, film by Raoul Schrott, Naples (Italy) and Innsbruck (Austria)


Travels and productions for »impressit« ALPHABETS & SIGNS, LETTERS/LANDS: Albuquerque, Beijing, Cairo, Hamburg, Luxembourg,  Mexico City, Montelabbate /Pesaro,  Moscow, Tokyo, Urbino, Vienna, Venice etc.
Nominated for cultural exchanges (by the Austrian Ministry of Culture) Austria-Prague, Austria-Moscow, 1989
»Country Portraits« Exhibition (solo) Galerie Elefant Burg Hasegg, Hall (Austria),
1988 Moto Azabu Events, Tokyo, Japan,
1987 »Made in China«, Galerie Elefant (solo) Exhibition, Landeck (Austria)
1983 & 1985 Art Basel (group) with Galerie Elefant (Monika Lami) Switzerland
1983 Prisma, (group-show) Schloss Landeck, (A)


Grant for multimedia technology (Paint Box Quantel) from the French Ministry of Culture,1980, Paris (France)
Museum of the 20th Century Art Fair, Vienna with Galerie Elefant (Monika Lami), 1982, (Austria)
Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck (photography group show), 1982, Austria
Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum (group-exhibition), 1982, Innsbruck (Austria)


Corso Estivo de la Stampa in Urbino, starting with original print making lithography and engraving, in Urbino and Rome, Italy.


Living in London and in Paris. Book illustrations and writings – children books (Schreiber Verlag Germany, Flammarion, Albums du Pere Castor, France), graphic design and logotype design for publishers and various industrial clients.


Paris, graphic design, at the beginning working in studios as freelance designer. Record covers, corporate identities, logotype design, press-layout and art direction (music-industry, show & fashion-business), photography and drawings. Book design for publishers, childrens books (writings and illustrations) started to be published.


Beginning to live and work in New York and in Paris.


Innsbruck, graphic design (studio Zelger) working on graphic identity of the Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck 1964, and publications related to the industry (letter heads, folders, inserts, logotypes, calligraphy, topography). Innsbruck, 1962, working with Dr. Rhoderich Thun and Manuela on the publishing of the childrens magazine »Teddy« ( Verlag Schreiber Germany), illustrations, layout, and editorial responsabilities.


MAGISTRA ARTIUM – Magistra der Kuenste (Bachelor of Art) University of Applied Arts Vienna (Austria), masterclass for graphic-design, illustrations, photography and photography-design (Prof. Schwarz).


Graduation from Bundesgewerbeschule in Innsbruck,
Fachschule fuer Dekorationsmaler (Tyrol, Austria),
today called HTL
Focus on: Painting