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Helene Widmer

Please roll over red framed photos.

C. Ljubanovic »conversation-portraits(photo-suite)«

Héléne Widmer, Paris 2002
Vintage photography, 24 x 30 cm, scanned and printed with Durst Lambda 130,
on Baryt-photo-paper 70 x 80cm

Since over 35 years C. Ljubanovic works with black and white photography
on the so called »conversation portraits«.

Portraits made with multiple image structures, showing sequences (like film stills)
of encounters and meetings with artists, writers, dancers, curators, actors, film-theater-
museum-directors, or friends with multiple professions.

The photographs show also backgrounds, like cafés, theaters, museums,
streets and parcs of cities and different landscapes, or indoor pictures,
in studios (ateliers) and other settings. The narrative, surprise-included
24 to 36 image-structure gives a feeling about the personality maybe somehow
hidden behind the model.

Preview: »work in progress«
Book/catalogue »conversation-portraits (photo-suite)«

Selection of 100 portraits
Book size 24 x 30 cm, 280 pages
High-end-scans (proof sheets from film negatives mounted to 24 x 30 cm)
Duotone duplex scans 400 ppi RGB/Duplex
Markus Woergoetter, Vienna, Austria

For Exhibition purposes:
»conversation-portraits (photo suite)«

Selection of 50 portraits
50 High-End-Scans (from negativ film, mounted proofsheets)
80 x 100 cm on black or white background
300 ppi, RGB, Grayscale, retouched and optimized for LAMBDA processing.
Markus Woergoetter, Vienna, Austria

Printed with Durst Lambda 130 on Baryt paper
Panel size: 80 x 73 cm
by PICTO Bastille Paris, France
mounted on Aluminium (1 mm) Panel
Aluminium Frame black 90 x 82 cm

Christina Ljubanovic »conversation-portraits (photo-suite)« – Limited Edition 2008
1/3 (Edition of 3 x 15 portraits)
Selection of 15 portraits (proof-sheets B&W)
Pigment prints on Hahnemühle Fine Paper 420 x 298 mm numbered and signed by the artist, in black box
scans and prints by Studio Markus Woergoetter, Vienna, Austria

Selection 15 portraits (from Index List)
1. Barbara Karban, London, 1974, 2. Georges Sakier, Paris, 1976, 3. Ingeborg Strobl, Rom, 1979,
4. Peter Weibl, Urbino, 1979, 5. Mao-Tian An Men, Beijing, 1986, 6. Gisele Freund, Paris, 1995,
7. Salika Filali, Sidi Bou Said, 1988, 8. Sr. Maria-Priska Natter, Zams, 1991, 9. Helga Fanderl, Paris, 2000,
10. Raoul Schrott, Landeck, 1992, 11. Alain Volut, Neapel, 1993, 12. Alex Amann, Paris, 2002,
13. Thomas Hirschhorn, Aubervilliers, 2004, 14. Arnulf Rainer, Wien, 2004, 15. Eva Twaroch, Paris, 2004