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The Spirit Line

Colours/Pigments/Patterns/Scales »The Spirit Line«

KEMET-EGYPT (Wall) Leporello (3 parts)
1. Parchment (ready made-Cairo 1991)
2. Historical Egyptian Blue (blue copper silicate)
3. Historical Egyptian Green (copper glas) on paper (BFK Rives) 46,5 cm in diameter,
original pattern-paintings, Kremer Pigments, signed by the artist, in a slip case.
Paris, 2008
Edition of 3 (each edition different in diameter size)


Limited Edition (100) x 40 prints
numbered 1/50 to 50/50 and I/L to L/L, from 1/50 to 20/50 double spread
paper size: 305 x 315 mm, double size: 305 x 630 mm
Papers: Arches, BFK Rives, Graphia Sicars, Dover, Duchêne, Fabriano, Japanese Mulberry, Gampi, Kanze, Kitakata, Goya, Kozo, Mitsumata, Obanmisugami, Chinese Mulberry, Hahnemühle, Magnani/Pescia, Moulin de Larroque, Rivoli, Scheufelen, Amate (Papyrus) and other papers.

Christine Ljubanovic in collaboration with
1.A  Silk-screen print Alfredo Arcay, Paris 1984
2.B  Lithograph Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque 1985
3.C Aquatint, etching, Aldo Crommelynck, Paris 1985 – 1991
4.D Computer print, Jamil Kachoukh, Paris 1990
5.D Silk-screen print, hot stamping with metal foil, Claudio Barbato, Venice/Spinea 1986 – 1992
6.E Lithograph, Michel Casse, Paris 1983
7.F Etching, drypoint, Enzio Queti, Urbino 1983
8.G Aquatint, sugar lift, chine collé, Stamperia GF, Gian-Franco Bravi, Urbino 1985
9.H Woodcut, chop print, Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing 1986
10.I  Lithograph, transfer-lithofina-etching, Studio Corona, Walter Raffaelli / Gian-Carlo Bertuccioli, Montelabbate/Pesaro 1982 – 1983.
11.J Hand-set letterpress, collage, Public Printers, Mexico City 1990
12.J Collotype, Imprimerie Arte, Paris 1991
13.J Antique woodcut, frame lithography, stamped, Atelier Adrien Maeght, Erika Greenberg,
Paris 1991 – 1992
14.K Hand-set letterpress, Imprimerie Institut Francais d'Archeologie Orientale, Cairo 1991 – Imprimerie Nationale, Paris 1992
15.K Diffusion transfer process, Photographie & Applications, Paris 1992
16.K Cold embossing, Christian Paput, Paris 1991 – 1992
17. L Lithograph, Studio Corona, Walter Raffaelli, Montelabbate/Pesaro 1984
18.M +19. M Lithograph, photogravure Studio Corona, Walter Raffaelli, Montellabate/Pesaro 1989 – 1990
20.M Offset, Jeff Mphakati, Pretoria/Mamelodi/Paris 1992
21.N Mineral pigments, pochoir, cut-outs, Hirtl Claudia, Tokyo 1988
22.O + 23.O Digital imaging systems, offset print, Mannesmann Scangraphic, Hamburg
24.P Hand-set letterpress, Pervaya Obratsovaya Tipografia (MPO), Moscow 1989
25.P Papyrus Aly Abd El Baky Aly, Cairo 1991
26. Q Photocopy, stamp, collage, embossing, Herbert Maly / Christina Depian, Paris, Vienna, Wiltz/Luxembourg 1987 – 1990
27.R Silk-screen print, trial proofs, Rupert Jason Smith, New York 1985
28.S Lithograph, embossing, Studio Corona, Sanzio Vetri, Montelabbate/Pesaro 1984
29.S Monotype (lithograph) and collage, Studio Corona, Walter Raffaelli / Sanzio Vetri,
Montelabbate/Pesaro 1991
30.T Lithograph Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque 1985
31.T Silver emulsion, Photographie & Applications, Paris 1984
32.U Mezzotint, Renato Bruscaglia / Enzio Queti, Urbino 1989 – 1990
33.V Hand-set letterpress, Fequet et Baudier / Dutrou-Sabary, Paris 1984
34 W Hand-set letterpress, Imprimerie Nationale, Paris 1991
35.X Amate-paper-sheet-folded Enrique Santos Reyes Xotenco,
San Pablito Pahuatlan, Puebla, Mexico 1991
36.X Laser Copy, Joaquin Galarza, Paris 1991, Raggl Supertype, Innsbruck/Landeck 1992
37.X Collograph, linocut, May Angeli, Paris 1992
38.X Monotype (lithograph), Studio Corona, Walter Raffaelli, Montelabbate/Pesaro 1984
39.Y Woodcut, Toshi Yoshida, Tokyo 1988
40.Z Intaglio, sugarlift, Kurt Zein, Vienna 1987 – 1989