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by Christina Ljubanovic, Paris, 2002
France/Austria 7 min  (Beta SP)
Collotype/Phototypie/Lichtdruck/ Printing
Photography: Sepp Thoma
Sound: Christian Houssepian
Editing: Jacques-André Birckel
French voices: Corinne Larcheveque, Pierre Deny
German: Eva Twaroch, Hans Woller
Office: Gisela Moll
Music-»once more« C. Heinz Neubrand, Cosmos/Arcadia/Marathon
Helped by the Federal Chancellery KUNST Vienna,
the Government of the province of the Tyrol, Department of Cultural Affairs,
France News (Paris) and the City of Paris, ARTE/Jules Maeght.

This Video-film shows a travelling from the PlaceTrocadero (XVI) to the rue Daguerre (XIV) from the right bank to the left bank of Paris. The inscription on the Palais de Chaillot (Musee de l'Homme) written by the poet Paul Valérie on the occasion of the "Exposition Universelle" in 1937 Letter Type Peignot designed by Cassandre for the Foundery Deberny Peignot in 1937 and a photograph (Ljubanovic) of this subject  serves as sample to show the delicate working process of elaborating a Collotype-Edition in the Locality of ARTE Adrien Maeght Studio in the rue Daguerre in Paris 14th district.
Lithographer: Fanny Bouchet, Collotype Printer: Alain Dizy, Marges: Philippe Moreau.


by Christina Ljubanovic, 1999
Video 4 min (DV, BETA SP)
Photography and Editing: Frizzey Greif
Music: Frizzey Greif
Sequences 3D: Arghyro Paouri, Paris
Actors: Doris Henzinger, Sigrun Lunger, Peter Vöhl
Coordination: Evi Lunger-Valentini
Film-Location: Museum Castle Landeck, Tyrol (A)
Co-Production: Christina Ljubanovic, Paris, Bezirksmuseumsverein Schloss Landeck
Belladonna Studio-Frizzey Greif, Prutz
Subsidy: INTERREG-EU (Magisches Raetisches Dreieck)
Tiroler Landesregierung KULTUR, Innsbruck, Austria
Bundeskanzleramt KUNST Wien, Vienna
Sponsored: Crystal-Stones from Swarovski Wattens, Tyrol

ABRACADABRA Loop: 5 different Languages: paznaun-dialect, german, italian, suisse german,
and romanic (raeto-romanisch)
Voices: paznaun-dialect: Maria Waibl, Kappl, Paznaun, Tyrol
Camera: Christine Jarosch
German and italian: Lorenz Gallmetzer, Paris
Camera: Alex Gorski - italian translation: Maria Teresa Galluzo, Italy
Swiss-german and romanic: Peter Rauch, Scuol, Switzerland
Camera: Christine Jarosch

Video (and loop) about the staging of a legend from the Paznauntal (Valley in the Tyrol/Austria with borders to Italy and Switzerland (so called magic raetic triangle) shown during the exhibition ABRACADABRA  in the Schlossmuseum Landeck, Tyrol, Austria 1999.

impressit W

by Christine Ljubanovic, Paris, 1996
France/Austria 4 min (Beta SP)
with emploees from the Imprimerie Nationale Paris (1990/91)
Photography: Alex Gorsky
Editing, animation and sound track: Jean-Paul Gratia
Helped by the Service Audiovisuel Centre Georges Pompidou, 1996
and subsidy from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research
and the Arts and the Governement of the province of the Tyrol,
Department of Cultural Affairs.

The Video shows punch-cutting, of the original Garamont Type also called »Romain de l'Université« exclusivity of the Imprimerie Nationale, from the authentic matrix of the XVIth century.
Material: the punch: iron the matrix: copper, the foundery: hot metal, lead, antimony and tin.
Type setting by hand, letterpressprinting: American counting machine sent to France in 1914.

Media Stills

Winckelmanns Tod
by  Raoul Schrott, 1993, Napels-Paris-Innsbruck
Video 26 min  (Beta-SP)
Camera: Alain Volut
Film Super 8 black & white, and DV
Photo-sequences & video stills (Canon Ion): Christine Ljubanovic
Video: Leonardo di Constanzo
Editing: Nestler, Schrott, Volut, Ljubanovic, Neyrac films Paris and ORF Landesstudio, Innsbruck

A transit project
by Raoul Schrott, 1993