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FPMS Farben/Pigmente/Muster/Skalen
CPPS Colours/Pigments/Patterns/Scales


Representation of THE MAP – Content 21 Kapitel/Chapters
1/ Porphyr
2/ China Red
3/ Red Mercury
4/ Glanzbraun Zürs-Red Slate
5/ Bolestal-Bolus,
6/ Fuchsit-Bahia
7/ Spectrum-Erden/Steine
8/ Color Chart-Historical
9/ Black & White Scale,
10/ Japanese Mineral-Pigment-Samples
11/ Prova di Colori Veneziani
12/ Topographie der Farbpigmente Tirol und Umgebung (The Alps)
13/ Diamond-Crystal-Pattern-Nuancier
14/ “The spirit line“, Indigo dyeing/printing
15/ “Indigo Toraki“ Historical-Africa
16/ “The spirit line”, dye- textile-north-south-east-west
17/ Lichen (Liken) Dye
18/ Colour d’Oro – Recipes
19/ Originals on Paper
19b/ Originals, Venice Grid Pattern & Echantillons, Samples-Artist Books, Leporellos etc.
20/ Carnets de Route – Travel Notebooks, Diaries, Video, Portfolios, Photography
21/ Research Sources, Libraries, Museums, Institutions, Documents, Index

Colours / Pigments / Patterns / Scales by C. Ljubanovic
(Special Order)
“Maximilians Ancestors and Heroes”
Innsbruck/Paris 2019 – 2021

12 Original Pigment Prints with Original Paintings by C. Ljubanovic
30 Portraits (15+15 on 2 sheets)
6 Prints are coloured/painted by hand, with the original colour pigment red “Porphyr”
mixed with Caput Mortuum, some are dusted with Diamond powder and Marienglas & Bergkristall
(Kremer Pigments).

Photo Collage “cut-out” sublimation DNP photographs, (i-Phone) by C. Ljubanovic, Innsbruck 2019

Collage reproduced for file by Sophie Tramier, Paris 2020
and printed by Christophe Batifoulier Picto, Paris 2020/2021

Inkjet archival pigment print expo fine art from file
Paper Hahnemühle/Bright White 310g
Paper Size: 50 x 60 cm
Pigments Prints Original Paintings Christine Ljubanovic   Colour Pigment Prophyr
Maximilians Ancestors and Heroes"   Porphyr by C. Ljubanovic - Special Order
Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport