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The Spirit Line The Spirit Line


»The Spirit Line« 2008 – 2010 (work in progress)

»The Spirit Line« Connection to Nature (indigo plant-deying)
1. Searching Nila (Indigo) Oasis Toraki (today called Touareg-Tozeur, South Tunisia, North Africa)
black & white photography later tinted with original indigo pigments and pattern designs on paper
Video DV 4min (mounting in progress), 2009

»The Spirit Line« Connection to Nature (Earth-Stone Colours)
2. Brown Red Slate from Austria »Glanzbraun Zürs« Schieferglimmer, Kremer Pigmente (Germany) made from material found on top of the mountains (Primitive mountains, petrified Radiolarites)
Traces of  the African Tropical sea ground (100 million years ago) on top of the alps
Original pattern-design on paper, black & white photography
Video HDV 7min, Zürs – Aichstetten – Paris (work in progress), 2009

»The Spirit Line« Connection to nature (Precious Stone Colours)
3. Fuchsit-dark green variety of Muscovit-Crystal, Expedition to Brazil (2009)
From Paris to San Salvador (Bahia) and to Fuchsit Mine (Fucsita sisto)
Serra da Conceical – Povoado di Fazendinha – Municipio di Jaquarari (Bahia-Sertao Nord-Este)
Raw material-collecting, photography/video
Works on paper »Colours/Pigments/Patterns/Scales« Fuchsit and Sodalith,
in Paris 2009/2010

»The Spirit Line« Connection to nature (Precious Stone Colours)
4. Lotus Pattern on Cinnabar
Stone with Cinnabar-crystals
Travels to China, collecting raw material, observing »China Red«
in historical and contemporary applications. Photography, Video,Drawings,
Beijing (January 2010) and Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou (November 2010)
Works on paper with Cinnabar-Pigments from China,
»Colours/Pigments/Patterns/Scales« in Paris 2010/2011

* Notice about the title »The Spirit Line« (Navajo Indians)
... to make something that is perfect means there is no more room for improvement ... if a weaver, weaves a perfect rug, ... she makes a little mistake on purpose – an imperfection – often we see a litter line which the Navajo call a spirit line that extends to the edge of a rug through the borders ...

* »The Spirit Line« Plant-Pigments Indigo
Nila or indigo was the colours of god Krishna who is like a rain filled cloud.
Nila is a Sanskrit word which means both the blue colour and the indigo plant, Nila is all of this – and more.