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Abracadabra Limited Edition
Christina Ljubanovic


Limited Edition of 66 crystalstones
Paris, 1999/2000
Optical glas (Corning), Lost Wax Casting, 40 x 58 x 45 mm
Model: pavingstone (marble) from Prag
Numbered: from  I/MM to LXVI/MM (1–66/2000)
Signed :LCH (Ljubanovic Christina) and PP
PP – Made by Perrin & Perrin, Paris –
Punch: Alivon Paris
Wrapped in numbered and signed paperboxes (Canson Satin Perle 200g),
Design-Folding-Embossing (Silver)
40 x 60 x 47 mm
Made by Yuki Sakinori – Pascal Francois,

signed YS.PF, Villeneuve les Avignon